Single Unit Trash Mate®

A durable Trash Mate® receptacle at every tee box helps keep trash off your grounds and out of the golf carts too.

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A clean, low profile design and rugged poly construction offers a long life solution for keeping the golf course cleaner.

  • Poly construction impervious to rusting and denting.
  • Maximum UV protection added to prevent brittleness and fading.
  • 9 gallon (34 liter) capacity, will also accept trash bag liners.
  • Windproof, snap-on lids available in three styles, in Black:
    • Solid (no opening) to resist pests
    • Trash Opening
    • "Cans Only" 
  • Can easily be attached to ball washer pipe, which reduces the need to move objects when mowing.
  • Flexible design will allow to add a second receptacle for recycling or near a halfway house
  • Stackable/nesting design saves storage space.
  • Mounting hoops are pre-treated for added protection and then powder-coated.

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How do I keep my Trash Mates fresh?

Wipe down with Armor All to clean and bring back the shine.  Do this periodically and can keep your Trash Mates® looking like new.