Accessory Maintenance - Tee Markers

Published in Tee Markers on March 17, 2010

Make sure your tee markers are in good repair, including color. Eric Eiselstein from Jefferson CC in Blacklick, OH, sent me some photos of a racking system he made to store and recondition his tee balls each winter. He puts the racks in his cart and delivers the markers to each hole in the spring.

tee marker stack

Another tip if you have Par Aide’s Satellite Tee Markers: If faded or foggy looking, chuck one upside down by spike in a drill press. Use a fine grit sandpaper to lightly sand surface as the ball turns. Apply a clear coat and your marker will look brand new.

tee marker rack

If you have tips similar to the one that Eric passed along, please feel free to share at and we can post them here.