How do I keep my Trash Mates and Divot Mates looking new?
Wipe down with Armor All to clean and bring back the shine.  Do this periodically and can keep these products looking like new.

What is the best adhesive to use when putting on new Flagstick Ferrules and Top Studs?

At Par Aide we use a 2-part 8-hour epoxy.  We also put a small amount of silica sand in the epoxy to fill the void.  We recommend using a 2-part epoxy that is a minimum of 4 hours.  We have found that other adhesives (super glue, guerilla glue, etc.) have not performed as well.

How can I save time in cutting cups?
On your practice green use a Cupless Jr. Flagstick or Cupless Practice Target.  This will reduce or eliminate cutting cups on your practice green, thus saving you time each time you change cups.  It also can reduce wear on your practice green, as you can easily change locations mid-day if necessary.  Golfers also can move them to areas they would like to putt to.

What is an easy way to clean my Par Aide Contest and Proximity Markers?
After the event is complete spray the surface with WD40 and wipe clean.

What are your PGA Tour Packages?
TR750A --- 9 - 7.5 foot White Flagsticks (Part #730-0759)
TR751A --- 9 - 7.5 foot Yellow Flagsticks (Part #740-0759)            
TR752A --- 9 - 7.5 foot Yellow w/Black Bottom Stripe (Part #745-0759)
TR753A --- 9 - 7.5 foot White w/Black Bottom Stripe (Part #754-0759)
TR900A --- 9 Aluminum Cups (Part #930), 9 Cup Stops (Part #932)                                              

Does Par Aide sell its products directly to the end user?
Par Aide does NOT sell products directly to the end user.  We are a manufacturer and thereby sell product through distributors worldwide.  Click here to find a Par Aide distributor in your region.