Foam Cup Riser

New Touch Free Product

Clean and professional insert for adjusting hole height.

Par Aide’s new Foam Cup Riser is the cleanest, most attractive way to adjust cup hole height and reduce touchpoints with the flagstick and cup. While pool noodles were a quick fix, their bright colors are unattractive on the golf course and can be distracting to golfers. Additionally, the Foam Cup Riser is manufactured specifically to fit in a regulation size putting cup and the height is set precisely to be able to remove the golf ball without touching the flagstick or cup.

Features  include:

  • Bright white – clean look that matches the color of the cup
  • 3.75” wide – fills the entire inside of the cup vs a 2” pool noodle
  • 2.5” high – appropriate height to retrieve ball
  • Universal fit – fits all putting cups and flagsticks on the market
  • Sold in sets of 9 plugs