Accessory Tips - Benches, Divot Mix & Broken Tees

Published in Products on April 9, 2010

Continuing on some easy Golf Course Accessory tips.  Again, none of this stuff is new.  It’s just a reminder that in your quest to provide those perfect turf conditions the simple stuff can sometimes just get overlooked.  Most of my golfing friends can’t tell the difference between poa from bent, but they sure know when the accessories look bad.  Perhaps unfairly, their decision on where to play next week might just hinge on that.

Are you a walking course for many?  Please give them a place to sit on at least some of the tee boxes.

How about divot mix and broken tee boxes?  I am familiar with one private club that assigned each tee box to 1-3 letters in the alphabet.  Members were then asked to take responsibility for maintaining the hole with their first initial assigned to it.  It actually became a matter of great pride as to who had the best maintained hole.

If you have pictures or comments on some of the different things you do for your course and would like to share please pass them along.  You can do so here or send to and I will post them.