5 Ways to Affordably Improve Your Golf Course's Playing Conditions - Overnight!

Published in Resources & News on March 6, 2016

Golf course accessories play a vital role in any golf course’s playing conditions.  They are seen and touched by golfers on every hole, they can create lasting impressions, they can reinforce your course’s reputation and they are the most affordable way to immediately improve course conditions.

Unfortunately, when not maintained properly or replaced when worn, they can leave an unfavorable impression of your course as a whole.

If you want to allocate your budget in the most strategic way, consider these 5 tips that your golfers will notice.  These are the places where the impact accessories make is most immediate and works out to be the greatest in relation to your overall budget.

1.) On The Tee FOR LESS THAN $20 – Any of your worn spike brushes can be replaced throughout your course.

2.) Practice Green FOR LESS THAN $250 – Makeover your practice green with all new Jr. Flagsticks, Jr. Flags and Practice Green Cups.

3.) Bunkers FOR LESS THAN $500 – Replace your 25 oldest bunker rakes with new Accuform Ace II or AccuCurv Bunker Rakes.

4.) Greens FOR LESS THAN $700 – Freshen up the most touched and seen accessories on your course with 18 new regulation cups, flagsticks and flags.

5.) On The Tee FOR LESS THAN $1000 – Switch out 4-5 of your most worn ball washers with new Par Aide Master or Deluxe models.

Golf course accessories are the only area of your facility where improvements to your course conditions can be literally be made overnight…and without a big hit to your budget.  They contribute to golfer satisfaction and make your course more playable, enjoyable and beautiful.  Small investments pay big dividends.  “Because Golfers Notice”.