Water Coolers

4.5 oz. Cone-Shaped Paper Cups

4.5 oz. Cone-Shaped Paper Cups

Cooler Pro

The Cooler Pro is a sleek low-profile option for keeping refreshments cold on the course. Comes complete with a removable 48-quart Igloo cooler.

Cooler Pro 100

100% recycled plastic housing. Includes a 100-quart (94.6 liters) Igloo Cooler.

Water Pro

Double doors and a built-in locking system make the cooler easily accessible. Large capacity and ample cup storage, plus an on-board trash receptacle.

Water Pro Complete

Includes station, trash bag frame, Hunter Green Igloo® water cooler and Igloo® cup dispenser.

Water Pro Jr.

Post-mounted water cooler station can be conveniently located virtually anywhere on the course.

Water Pro Jr. Complete

Includes Water Pro Jr., 10 gallon Igloo Cooler, Igloo cup dispenser and one 6" x 6" x 72" black recycled plastic mounting post.