Part NumberPart Description
7250-01 non-magnetizedJob Board (1 Job), Non-magnetized
7250-02 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Job Board (2 Jobs)
7250-03 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Job Board (Days of the Week)
7250-04 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, 1-Month Board
7250-05 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, 2-Month Board
7250-06 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Start Time, Tee Time Board
7250-07 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Mechanics Board
7250-08 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Blank Board
7250-09 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Lined Board
7250-10 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Mowing Patterns
7250-11 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Mowing Patterns and Job Extension Board
7250-12 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Misc. Notes Board
7251-01 magnetizedJob Board (1 Job), Magnetized
7251-02 magnetizedJob Board (2 Jobs), Magnetized
7251-03 magnetizedMagnetized, Job Board (Days of the Week)
7251-04 magnetizedMagnetized, 1-Month Board
7251-05 magnetizedMagnetized, 2-Month Board
7251-06 magnetizedMagnetized, Start Time, Tee Time Board
7251-07 magnetizedMagnetized, Mechanics Board
7251-08 magnetizedMagnetized, Blank Board
7251-09 magnetizedMagnetized, Lined Board
7251-10 magnetizedMagnetized, Mowing Patterns
7251-11 magnetizedMagnetized, Mowing Patterns and Job Extension Board
7251-12 magnetizedMagnetized, Misc. Notes Board
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Superintendent Whiteboard System

The Superintendent Whiteboard System, another innovation from Par Aide. Built directly with input from Superintendents, our whiteboards save you time, provide better flexibility and make daily communication with your crew more efficient than with homemade boards.

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Product SKU: 7250